Buddhist statue of Avalokitesvara

Beautiful Buddhist Statues

Our statues are mostly hand-crafted and made in Nepal. Our buyer has built up a very positive relationship with the craftsmen and has sought out quality products at a good price.

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Buddhist thangka painting of Padmasambhava

Buddhist Thangka paintings

Exquisite Buddhist thangka paintings from Nepal carefully chosen for quality and affordability. Inspirational images to rouse and gladden your heart and mind.

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Beautiful Buddha statues, Buddha thangkas / paintings, Buddhist supplies, and ritual items

We sell fine quality Buddha statues and many other Buddhist statues (rupas), Tibetan Buddhist thangka/ thanka paintings, and Tibetan/Tantric Buddhist ritual items. These are all made in Nepal by local craftspeople.

We also wholesale items such as Buddhist prayer flags, prayer wheels, offering bowls and smaller Buddha statues, Buddhist figures and Tibetan Buddhist thanka / thangka paintings.

We have a wide range of styles and sizes available of all the major Buddha statues, from large Buddha statues up to 36 inches to smaller 4-inch Buddha statues and figures. It is also possible to have special orders made of Buddha statues & Tara statues, Padmasambhava statues, Avalokitesvara statues Vajrasattva statues, Manjusri,and many more. It is also possible to commission Buddhist thangkas.

Items marked ‘not in stock’ can be obtained so please contact me for an estimate on price and availability.


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Here are a few samples of Buddha statues and Buddhist Thangkas.

“So today Tara arrived. I’m really happy! She is lovely and it is a joy to see her on my home shrine! Send my thanks to the statue maker. I am amazed at his skill and grateful to have just the Bodhisattva I wished for! Thank you for making the arrangements.”

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