Buddhist statues (rupas)

From the exquisite to the very affordable!

Buddhist Statues (rupas)

Buddha statues. Many Buddhist statues of all forms available.These Buddha statues include Avalokitesvara statues, Tara statues, Padmasambhava statues, Manjusri statues, Vajrasattva statues, Vajrapani statues, Amitabha statues, Vajrayogini statues, Prajnaparamita statues and Buddhist wrathful deities and many more. All are hand-crafted in Nepal,with a variety of finishes and styles/ sizes. Our Buddhist statues range from the economical to them finely carved and exquisite! From familiar figures Like The Buddha to more esoteric Tantric deities. If you don’t see a Buddha statue or Buddhist deity, that you are looking for please contact us and we can advise – we have many happy customers who have used us to source a special or particular kind of Buddha statue or have had Buddhist statues made to order. Items marked ‘special order’ are not in stock but can be re-ordered. Please contact me for estimated availability and cost. Some items do go out of stock but are easily reordered. If you are interested in the process of how Buddha statues are made, here are some photos.

Types of finish



“So today Tara arrived.
I’m really happy! She is lovely and it is a joy to see her on my home shrine!
Send my thanks to the statue maker. I am amazed at his skill and grateful to have just the Bodhisattva I wished for!
Thank you for making the arrangements.”

Happy customer