Vajrayogini statues and other Dakinis

Dakinis/ Female Tantric deities
Vajrayogini statues (Dorje Naljorma in Tibetan) and Vajravarahi statues (Dorje Phagmo) and other Buddhist tantric female deities such as Kurukulla and Simha Mukha are Tantric figures which appear in a variety of forms and are often known as Dakinis, symbolising the freedom and boundless energies of the awakened mind and heart. Vajrayogini is the dakini (khandroma in Tibetan), the sky dancer dancing free in the vast openness of space (emptiness). She is the fire of devotion, inspiration, the dynamic energy of the awakened mind. In Tibetan she is known as Dorje Naljorma. Vajrayogini’s practice includes methods for transforming all mundane daily experiences into higher spiritual paths. Vajrayogini is often described with the epithet Sarvabuddhadakini, meaning “the Dakini who is the Essence of all Buddhas”



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